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December 19, 2003 by AbbieGrrl
Ah, yes, another Friday. 87.5% of the American people's favorite day of the week. How unusual for me to find myself ranking with the "Average Joe" lol. This weekend, we have a couple of things happening; Mom is going to pick up B this afternoon to spend the night w/ her. She said previously that she wanted him for a WEEK over the holidays, but if we only get a day or so, I guess that will be enough. Saturday, I'm not sure what the morning will bring, but sometime in the afternoon, AM & Katie are...
December 17, 2003 by AbbieGrrl
Yesterday I had no real concept of what in the heck a "Blog" was, and here I am today, attempting to create one of my very own. Life is fun, isn't it? OK, if all goes well, this will be my first journaling endeavor since the piece that was piublished, so many years ago. So, what exactly IS a URL, and I wonder if this thing is going to mutate into a site that I"m not allowed to go to?
Oh, I have to get that nap that I've told everyone I was gonna have now. I'm home early from work, ...